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Samyoga Yoga Teacher Training School in Kerala offers the opportunity to deepen self-understanding through physical movement, breathing and meditation. We offer personalized yoga classes, yoga therapy classes, Ayurveda treatments, self-exploration yogic techniques as a part of long-term programs which are typically conducted as individual or small group settings. Samyoga stays unique from other practical classes of yoga, since it is focused on linking each individual to the right tools within the vast world of yogic-breath work, guided visualization, mind mapping, meditation, postures, energy movement, mantra chanting, yogic philosophy, western psychology, yoga therapy, human physiology and anatomy through yoga and the modern world.

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Rhythm Retreats 2024-2025 | Sessions With Dr Salini P.S

Rejuvenate your mind & body in serene Varkala, Kerala

10 days Stress Relief Retreat

Welcome to the world of Rhythm Yoga Retreats, Kerala. We are offering 10 days of “Stress relief retreat" ie a real break from your busy life schedule. Everyone knows that the main wealth of human life is Health, which acquiring in our present life situations seems difficult. For that we offer a unique mind rejuvenating and reflexive 10 days program including yoga, asana sessions, pranayama, meditation and more in a mind-blowing stay at Varkala, Kerala, India. This program is mainly for those who need some break from their current busy life patterns and also want to explore more in yogic psychology.

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Retreats available in the months of: August, October, December 2024 & February 2025.
Dates: 15th to 25th of each month.

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Yoga TTC - Teacher Training Course - Samyoga

Yoga TTC & Yoga Therapy Classes in Attingal & Varkala, Kerala, India (Regular & Online Yoga Therapy Classes)


During the 200 hour training you will be able to develop your practice and enrich your yoga teaching skills with an exemplary tool box of alignment methods in yoga , alignment techniques for individual body types.

Yoga Therapy

Private yoga sessions cater to individual goals, addressing physical, physiological, and mental-emotional needs. Tailored instruction ensures alignment with body type, health, and lifestyle. Through personalized guidance in asana, pranayama, and meditation, practitioners receive corrections and modifications. The focus is on achieving well-being efficiently and effectively based on individual limitations and objectives.

200 Hour Samyoga Yoga TTC Teacher Training Course

Kalari Yoga

Kerala Traditional Martial Art & Yogic Techniques – Separate Sessions On Northern Style And Southern Style - (Beginners and Intermediate Level Training Only).

Who can Join Us?

  • No age limit, no gender bar
  • Beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga practioners, Yoga and fitness lovers
  • All gym enthusiasts and sports persons

It is a complete system of body-oriented therapy with an emphasis on the expansion & development of the senses.

Kalari Yoga improves flexibility and stability of core muscles. It stimulates muscle tissue, Myo-fascia and connective tissue. It is a high energy form of exercise. Useful as aerobic exercises and strength training.

Kerala Yoga Kerala Traditional Martial Art Yogic Techniques


Melding Culture, Science and Experience to YOGA.

SAMYOGA is a fully dedicated group of Scholars/teachers/trainers/doctors and yoga aspirants from South India dedicating themselves to principles and practice of yoga. Our founder and the visionary Salini, through her years of experience and innovations aims in delivering Yoga in its pure and authentic form suitable for all groups of people. Learning authentic yoga always remains as a challenge for most individuals due to the diversity in its approaches in various traditions.

"SAMYOGA" has found its own path in projecting Yoga as a tool of reconstructing and remodeling life, not just as a method of physical practice. Salini says "Yoga is different layers of self exploration which can be practiced by observation of self during the life journey…". "Yoga is a unique natural process of life, so each individual leaning towards it, should accept yoga as a normal life experience and it should become a life style, all the paths of life ends in yoga that is "SAMYOGA"

Our institute prepare students to become good observers and thereby becoming true yoga practitioners and teachers. At SAMYOGA we provide an inspiring environment for yoga classes so that we can learn unbiased yoga coherently and seamlessly. The main focus of our programs is to deliver simple and effective yoga training programs to all groups of people world wide. We have incorporated the above-mentioned principles on basis of above-mentioned principles in our ventures, Samyoga TTC program, and Samyoga Workshops.

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