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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Is Your School Registered With Yoga Alliance?

Yes, SAMYOGA is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. We are RYS 200.

Will My Certificate Enable Me To Teach Internationally?

Yes, since Yoga Alliance is world recognized, this certification enable you to teach internationally anywhere in world.

What Happens If I Miss A Class?

Students need to have 95% attendance to receive the certification.

Will There Be An Exam At The End Of The Course?

There will be a written as well as practical exam at the end of each course.

Is There Any Dress Code For The Yoga School?

There are no strict rules as to what to wear in the school, but please avoid short, revealing and tight clothing, as it may attract unwanted attention from people.

Can I Bring A Guest To The School?

We strictly do not allow any strangers in the school as well as accommodation. You cannot bring strangers you have met during the course to any of our campuses. If your family members are visiting you during the course, you can get prior approvals for them.

Will You Provide Airport Pickup?

Yes, we provide free airport pickup from Trivandrum International Airport. We will not be providing airport drop. However we can help you in making arrangements for your airport drop.

What Should I Bring?

Comfortable clothes for doing Yoga, Yoga Mat, notebook and pen, mosquito repellents, shoes and flip flops, standard toiletries, and your own personal needs.

What Type Of Visa I Need To Get In India?

To visit India you will need a tourist visa.

English Is Not My First Language. Will It Be A Problem For Me?

Only basic level of proficiency in English reading, writing and speaking is necessary for the teacher training participation.

What Vaccines Do I Need Before Coming To India?

Consult with your local Doctor and try to get them before you come if you really need one based on Doctor's advice.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation 5 days before start date of course: 0% refund
Cancellation 5 – 60 days before start date of course: 70% refund